18 junio 2011

Stuff happens

I haven’t been very good or articulated with words lately, I even doubt I’ve ever been any good at it, but what’s a man without his doubts to learn from its mistakes and keep moving? Don’t know where all this crap is coming from but is there. I may say I have what they call “writers block”… but I shouldn’t take it so serious since I am not a writer, right?

So, for the time being, I’ve been going back to the love of my life: music…

A long time ago, I just saw a face, and my whole life turn upside down, it change a lot of things, especially the way I saw some little details about life that I took for granted. And this song is from that moment, a cover from an old but great Beatles song, not so greatly performed but I got to try.

See you in another life…

4 comentarios:

Erypunk dijo...

Like it!

Have a great weekend!

majana dijo...

very well performed, like a lot :)


Victoria dijo...

estas vivo!
lo digo por tus palabras, por tus letras que ya se extranaban mucho y por tu buena interpretacion!

Mr. Magoo... dijo...

Erypunk: Thanks, hope you had a great weekend too!

Majana: Thanks for your words, I still think I need some improvement but gotta hang in there.

Victoria: Asi es, estoy vivo, aunque a veces no lo siento asi pero pues por algo sigo aqui. Muchas gracias por tu comentario y tus palabras.